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The Legacy of AHS

For 150 years, Adventist caregivers have combined an innovative perspective on wholeperson health with the latest medical treatments for curing illness. In 1866 when the first Seventh-Day Adventist health care facility opened up in Battle Creek, Michigan, Adventist practitioners focused on healing illness without the harmful treatments that were common in the early days of modern health care. They focused on keeping patients safe while also teaching good nutrition, exercise, and hygiene that helped their communities avoid illness and live healthy lives. This forward-thinking approach to wholeperson health honored God's creation of each person as a complex interconnection of the physical, emotional and spiritual.

By the 1970s, numerous Adventist health care organizations had established themselves as leading health care providers around the globe. in 1973, a group of hospitals in the southern and southeast region of the United States formed Adventist Health System as a way of uniting like-minded institutions under one common mission: Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.

Since our founding, Adventist Health System has continued to be guided by that mission while strengthening our commitment to whole health. Our Adventist tradition of wholeperson care has become the foundation for current medical industry practices: combining safe and innovative treatment of illness with healthy lifestyle support that creates optimal wellbeing. The Adventist approach to wholeness has been recognized as a critical factor that can contribute to health and longevity.

Today, we are one of the largest health care providers in the United States. Our family of services extends across 46 hospitals and  nine  states to delivers care for every stage of life. As we continue to expand our expertise and discover new and groundbreaking ways of treating illness, we remain true to our original mission and our pursuit of helping patients achieve whole health of body, mind and spirit.