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Telehealth brings the doctor to you

Telehealth lets you see a specialist or other health care professionals who is out of your area without having to travel to their office.  You see, hear and talk to the specialist using a special camera, computer screen and other equipment.  The specialist can also see, hear and talk to you. This is very helpful when you need to see a doctor who may be located hours away from your home.  
  Patients and doctors around the world are using Telehealth to make sure patients get the care they need without the time, cost and stress of traveling to any appointment far away.

It's private and confidential

A telehealth visit is very much like a regular face-to-face visit with a doctor, except that you are communicating with each other through interactive video technology.  Your appointment will be in a private exam room.  A telehealth coordinator will be with you to operate the equipment, introduce you to the specialist and assist with your examination.

How does it work?

Many types of visits can be done using telehealth.  At Manchester Memorial Hospital, the following Telehealth services are available:
*School - Several eastern, Kentucky schools now have access to our Pediatric clinic and a diabetic educator, via telehealth, which makes it possible to provide highly specialized services to the entire student body in those schools.
*Orthopedics - Our Orthopedic surgeon is connected to our outlying Physical Therapy offices for consultations and follow-up appointments.
*ED - When needed, our ED department connects with the University of Kentucky (UK) prior to transfers, so the patient can see a doctor at UK from the Manchester ED via telehealth.  
*Neurology - Drs. Jicha & Murphy see patients with dementia at Family Medical Care and Glenndale Medical via Telehealth, saving our patients a trip to Lexington.
*Rural Clinics -  Our specialty clinics, such as Orthopedics, Pediatrics and others are now able to connect with rural clinics, such as Red Bird Clinic, to provide an elevated level of care to an otherwise isolated area.

For more information about our Telehealth services contact:
James Couch, Telehealth Director
210 Marie Langdon Drive
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone 606.598.5104 ext. 3174