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Manchester Behavioral Health

   Emily Henson, LCSW

  Emily received her Masters of Social Work degree from Asbury University,     Wilmore, Kentucky, and is board certified in social work.

  “I am a therapist because I have come to learn that a tremendous amount of   people feel alone, left out, unheard, irrelevant, tired, worthless, unconnected,   unwelcomed, sad, anxious, and fearful. They need someone to listen to them.   They need someone to teach them they have value. They need skills to help them   change their sadness and fear to happiness and courage. I am a therapist because   when I see people struggle in that way I want to reach out and help. I can   encourage. I can teach.” Every day I get to help individuals and families grow and   heal, promote changes in social policy, address social justice issues that are near   and dear to my heart, and foster the emotional well-being of others. It’s a challenging, rewarding career that I value and truly enjoy.   

My goal for Manchester Memorial Behavioral Health is to provide compassionate, competent care for patients to work through mental health challenges. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255