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Couple Weds In The Hospital Chapel

Manchester, KY: 27th March 2017 was a momentous day for Johnnie Milton, as he wed his partner of 33 years, Carolyn Bowling, at the Manchester Memorial Hospital.


During his recent stay in the hospital, Johnnie had expressed a desire to the nursing staff to get married to Carolyn, so that they both could take care of each other’s health needs and make decisions, if required. The staff then conveyed Johnnie’s request to Chaplain Mark Bondarenko, who met with the couple and after spending some time with them, completed the preparations and wed the couple in the hospital. Present on hand to witness the union were some hospital employees as well as two relatives from Carolyn’s family.


The ceremony started with special prayers, followed by vows. At the end, Chaplain Bondarenko presented the couple with a bible and a statuette, whereas Mike Stimson, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at MMH also presented the couple with a gift on behalf of the hospital.