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Fitness Tech Receives Personal Trainer Certification

Many of us have struggled with losing weight, especially when it comes to those last ten pounds or those “problem spots” that seem to stay with us no matter what we do.  Since receiving her personal trainer certification, Beth Hensley is now able to work one-on-one with individuals to help them attain their weight loss and strength goals!

She can work with you to create a special workout program designed for your specific needs. She can teach you the exercises that are most effective for you, and you can also learn how to maintain a great workout without getting bored. This is a great way to learn how to burn fat and drop weight quickly.

“I have always wanted to be a personal trainer but didn't know if it would be possible, and when Quincie gave me the opportunity I was so excited because I believe this is the thing for me,” said Beth Hensley, Fitness Center Tech, “This is what I've been interested in for so long.  I believe helping people with their fitness goals and weight loss goals is such a great honor.  I can't wait to get started and just see where it takes me!”

Fitness center patrons can now hire Beth to work with them one-on-one in a 4-6 week program to achieve their individual fitness goals.  Although personal training is not free, one complimentary assessment will be offered as a trial for interested individuals. 

“I feel confident in her, she is definitely a go-getter and she can help these members in the fitness center achieve their goals,” says Quincie Adams, Fitness Center Manager, “There are so many members that come in frustrated because they work out, they eat right, but yet they can not achieve their goals.  If they are interested, she can now help them in achieving these goals.”

The extra training that Beth has received will not only benefit those who hire her on as a personal trainer, but will also be of help to other fitness center patrons.  Her new skills will allow her to give guidance if, for example, someone is exercising in a way that might strain their muscles or if there is a better way to stand while lifting weights. 

Sign up today for your very own Personal Training Plan!
Come Join Us! First assessment will be complimentary!
Hospital employee: $20.00 per session or 5 Sessions for $90 *
Non-employee: $25.00 per session or 5 Sessions for $115*
*these fees will be separate from a fitness center membership.
For additional information please give us a call at (606) 598-1028