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Goose Rock Elementary School Tours Manchester Memorial Hospital

Between Wednesday, January 6th, and Thursday, January 7th, forty students from Goose Rock Elementary School were given another all-access tour of Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) following the successful tour given to Clay County Middle School in December.

As with the last tour, Erika Skula, CEO of the hospital, gave opening remarks, after which the students were introduced to several department directors who educated them on hospital equipment, testing, and daily activity. Directors also emphasized their educational backgrounds and highlighted the importance of support departments for those students not interested in clinical professions.

To conclude their visit with MMH, students enjoyed turkey wraps, chips, brownies and refreshments prepared by the Terrace Café and funded by Promise Neighborhood. “We were very pleased to host another school tour” said Erika Skula, MMH CEO. “It is important for students to understand that while a hospital is very clinical in nature, it takes an entire team of people to ensure that we operate successfully.” Manchester Memorial Hospital is constantly working to provide all students the opportunity to experience what it is like working in the industry.

If you’d like more information on how to arrange a tour at the hospital, please call 606-598-1095 or visit our website and leave us a comment.

*published in the Manchester Enterprise