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Kentucky Hospital Association and March of Dimes Recognize Manchester Memorial Hospital for an Early Elective Delivery Rate of 3% or Less

Louisville, Ky.  In 2012, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched the Partnership for Patients' Hospital Engagement Network. Through that program, and through a partnership between the Anthem Foundation and the Kentucky Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, Inc. (KIPSQ), a nonprofit subsidiary of the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA), many Kentucky birthing hospitals joined together to reduce non-medically indicated deliveries before 39 weeks.   

Manchester Memorial Hospital participated in the Hospital Engagement Network, and they significantly reduced the number of early elective deliveries (inductions) and cesarean deliveries performed before 39 weeks of pregnancy.  March of Dimes commented that babies born full-term have a healthier start in life.

“We are proud of our expert team of physicians and nurses who recognized the importance of babies being born full term and put in place policies to avoid scheduling elective inductions or cesarean deliveries before 39 weeks of pregnancy, except when medically necessary,” said Erika Skula, President and CEO of Manchester Memorial Hospital.   

The last weeks of pregnancy are important.  Babies aren’t just putting on weight; they are undergoing important development of the brain, lungs and other vital organs,” said Stephen O’Neal, Chief Clinical Officer for Manchester Memorial Hospital.     

“Babies who survive an early birth often face the risk of lifelong health challenges, such as breathing problems, learning disabilities and others. Even babies born just a few weeks early have higher rates of hospitalization and illness than full-term infants. I commend Manchester Memorial Hospital for being a champion for babies with their quality improvement effort.  The goal for this project was an early elective delivery rate of 3% or less, and the obstetrical team at Manchester Memorial was able to achieve this goal,” said Donna Meador, the KHA Director of Quality and Patient Safety. 

“Kentucky hospitals are steadfast in their ongoing patient safety and quality improvement efforts.   Every year, our 46 birthing hospitals welcome 53,000 babies into the world and we want these newest citizens to have the healthiest start possible in life.  Also, as a result of the help we received from the Anthem Foundation, we are now able to use mass media to encourage conversations around breastfeeding before the baby is born,” said Michael T. Rust, President of the Kentucky Hospital Association.

*published in The Manchester Enterprise