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Manchester Memorial Hospital Completes Successful Collaboration with Promise Neighborhood to Bring Summer Fitness to Clay County

Manchester, KY: Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) celebrated a successful collaboration with Promise Neighborhood, a local educational organization, to bring the Summer Fitness program to Clay County. Manchester Memorial Hospital is dedicated to encouraging health education within the community, and has sponsored and hosted several events in 2014, including Access to Healthy Foods, Nutrition Series, Diabetes classes, and Creation Health Seminars. With this in mind, the Summer Fitness program seemed the perfect way to incorporate exercise and nutrition into a summer’s worth of classes.


Twenty-four total sessions made up the Summer Fitness course. Classes met at the Middle School every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from June 9 until August 8. On average, twenty-eight people attended each class. Beginning at five-thirty, the class proceeded with thirty minutes of thorough exercise. Guided by physical fitness instructors, attendees engaged in Zumba, stair running, resistance training, and jump rope.


An outpour of curiosity within the community created a buzz about this new program. Attendees were inspired by the level of attention paid to the varying degrees of athleticism displayed. More developed athletes enjoyed exercise at an advanced level, while individuals with less experience were able to benefit from customized routines.


Morgan Bowling, Creation Health Specialist, Community Outreach Coordinator Jeremy Hacker, and Kellie Gray, Dietician, led the group in fifteen minute lectures covering various aspects of nutrition. These included information about the benefits of seeds, nuts, and whole grains, the importance of fruit and vegetables in your diet, the dangers of dehydration, obesity in young people, and ultimately, choosing foods and habits that enrich your life, health, and overall wellness long after the course is completed. Each of the lectures were focused on the Creation Health principles for living life to the fullest.


MMH provided attendees with healthy snacks, such as fresh fruit, granola bars, and bottled water. The last forty-five minutes would revisit the intensive workout session, and the class would then conclude.


On the last day of the series, attendees were challenged to run from the Middle School to the High School and back. Eighteen people completed the run, and the best time was taken by Jeremy Hacker at forty minutes and forty-three seconds. After the run, local restaurant Theresy’s provided a full meal to the runners, and the program ended with a bang.


After its overwhelming success, MMH hopes to make the Summer Fitness program an annual event.


**Published in Manchester Enterprise**