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Manchester Memorial Hospital offers Diabetes Education

Manchester, KY: Diabetes education plays an important role in helping diagnosed patients improve their health and avoid potential complications associated with diabetes. If left unmanaged, diabetes can cause harmful complications such as heart disease or stoke. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, two out of three people with diabetes die from these preventable complications.

Since last year, Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) has been holding a free quarterly class for patients to provide them with the educational tools and information they need to manage their diabetes daily and make positive lifestyle changes. The class is an hour long, with a live cooking demonstration included. The recipes used that day are given out to the participants, along with goodie bags full of samples and informative material. Kellie Grey, MMH’s Dietition and Megan Kunkel, the Diabetes Educator lead these classes.

The class is designed for patients newly diagnosed with diabetes as well as those who need help managing their diabetes care plan. The class includes planning meals to improve blood glucose control, starting an exercise plan, monitoring blood glucose, Carbohydrate counting managing diabetes and preventing complications and making lifestyle changes to improve overall health.

The next class is scheduled for August 6th, 2015 and is open to anyone who is a diabetic, a care giver or just interested in learning more about Diabetes management.

For more information on the hospital’s Diabetes class or to register, call 606-598-1095. The full year schedule is also available at

*published in the Manchester Enterprise