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Manchester Memorial Hospital Participates in Jackson County Middle School Career Day

Manchester, KY: Staff from Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) conducted sessions at the Jackson County Middle School to educate students on occupations and expectations for jobs in healthcare during their Career Day on April 8th 2016.

The hospital’s marketing team was represented by Hurriyat Ghayyur, Joseph Franceschelli and Randy Craft, whereas Lucinda Sizemore represented nursing (PCU/ICU). The clinics were represented by Dr. Angela Rice (Family Medical Center), Jayme Turner (Manchester Pediatrics Clinic) and James Couch (Director of Clinic Operations).

"The middle school years are a wonderful time to begin exploring all the careers out there," said Hurriyat Ghayyur, Director of Marketing at MMH. "Most middle school students do not really know what they want to do when they 'grow up,' but they do have ideas about what they like and do not like. Hence, we participated in the Career Day just to inform them of all the clinical and non-clinical choices available in the field of healthcare."

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*published in the Manchester Enterprise