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Manchester Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department to cut down on prescription drug abuse

24 November 2014, Manchester KY: Manchester Memorial Hospital’s  new pain management policy has been recently put in effect in the Emergency Department (ED), and is a combined effort to decrease unnecessary prescriptions while still treating patients' individual needs.

ED physicians may write a quantity of pills to tide over those in severe pain until they can be evaluated by their primary care physician. It is also recommended that ED physicians randomly check the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER) database for doctor-shopping patients.

"At Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH), we are committed to providing the highest quality and safe healthcare to the community.  In the Emergency Department, pain relief is often the main focus of the visit, however the complexity of chronic pain relief is better treated by primary care providers who have built a long term relationship with their patients,” said Stephen O’Neal, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) at the hospital.

Some of the salient features of the guidelines being followed at the Hospital ED for managing chronic pain are:
• Prescription refills of narcotic or sedative medications that have been lost or have expired will not be refilled.
• Patients who have chronic pain will now only receive non-narcotic medications as a temporary treatment. Exceptions will be made for those who have a known source of chronic pain, i.e. recent fractures or a terminal condition such as cancer.
• Painful conditions that are deemed ‘non-acute’ will not be treated with opioid medications.
• If the provider feels that it is appropriate to have a patient medicated with pain relieving or sedative injection, we will require a driver for that patient to be physically present in the room before administering the medication.
• Appropriate and effective treatments for chronic pain must be administered by your personal physician or pain specialist. Referrals to both can be given upon request at your discharge.
• ED providers are recommended to randomly check Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER).

To learn more about the guidelines please call 606-598-5104.

Published in The Manchester Enterprise.