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Manchester Memorial Hospital's Gallup and Service Awards Banquet

 Manchester Memorial Hospital’s

Gallup and Service Awards Banquet

Manchester, Kentucky, April 7, 2016—Manchester Memorial Hospital hosted its second ever Gallup and Service Awards banquet at EKU Manchester Campus. The banquet recognized Best Practice and World Class managers, of which we had 10 and 15 respectively. These honors were scored by employees on a 5.0 point scale.

Winners of the Best Practice Award scored between a 4.46 – 4.71, and are as follows:

Erika Skula        Susan Meyers    Lora Stepp

Michelle Hoskins           Cindy Hall         David Watson

Michael Stimson                        Arlene Baker     Terry Crist        Brenda Jones


Winners of the World Class distinction scored between a 4.72 – 5.00, and are as follows:

Paul Merklin      Darlene Jones   Teresa Preece    Alberta Jewkes   Martha Smith

James Couch     Hurriyat Ghayyur           Sheila Asher      April Hubbard   Kristina Burchfield

Chris Carnes     Michael Ledford                        Richelle Cheek   Sharon Harris    Connie Farmer

Each group of managers were given a crystal plaque with their name and recognition etched into it.

Along with these awards, employees showing long-standing service to the hospital were recognized and awarded as well. We were proud to recognize 750 combined years of service that evening, including three employees who have been with the hospital for 40 years! Those were Twila Asher, Barbara Ball, and Craig Smith, whom we would like to extend another huge congratulations and sincere thanks to. ‘It is amazing and rare to see such low turnover in the workforce today,’ said Joe Skula, Human Resources Director at MMH. ‘When we have the honor of recognizing 750 years of service in one night alongside outstanding leadership by our managers, that’s how we know we are in a mission-true organization dedicated to Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.’