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Masters Degrees Earned by Four Hospital Leaders

Four members of Memorial Hospital’s leadership team have successfully completed their Masters’ Degrees.  Congratulations to Donna Cochran, RN, MSN; Teresa Jackson RN, MSN; Susan Meyers, RN, MSN, CPHQ, HACP; and Melissa Culver, RN, MSN on this accomplishment!

Donna Cochran and Teresa Jackson received a Masters of Science in Nursing with specialization in leadership and management, while Susan Meyers and Melissa Culver received their Masters of Science in Nursing Education. 

Throughout the years and in the many different positions each lady has held, they continue to bring very special gifts of service to Memorial Hospital.  Donna started at Memorial in 1989 as an LPN on the Med/Surg unit.  Teresa began her work the same year as an LPN in OB. Melissa began as a Nurse’s Aide in 1988 and Susan came to Memorial in 1996 as an RN in Home Health.  We are proud of their achievements as they continue to excel in their endeavors to pursue higher education and provide an ever-higher level of leadership expertise to their areas of service.