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Memorial Hospital celebrates no Central Line Infections in the Intensive Care Unit for 25 months!


Memorial Hospital is celebrating a recent award in recognition of not having a single central line infection in the Intensive Care Unit for the past 25 months.   In 2006, Memorial Hospital started using the best practice prevention guidelines recommended by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. 


Shortly thereafter, our hospital, along with 35 other Adventist Health System and Adventist Health hospitals began participating in a joint research project collaborating with Johns Hopkins University.  The initiative’s intent was to study best practice interventions for the prevention of central line associated infections and the impact the use of the bundle might make on the infection rate.  Use of the bundle effected an 80% reduction in the central line infection rate for the hospital systems participating in the project. 


Best Practice Bundle


1.  Use of Maximal sterile barriers including:

  • Mask
  • Sterile gown
  • Large sterile drape
  • Sterile gloves
  • Cap


2.  Skin Preparation with Chlorhexidine


3.  Insertion Site:  using Subclavian site unless contraindicated