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Memorial Hospital Foundation Presents the Hospital with a Check for Nurse Call System
Manchester, KY—On June 17, 2015 Deann Allen, the Director of the Memorial Hospital Foundation formally presented Erika Skula, CEO of Manchester Memorial Hospital with a check paying for the hospital’s new Nurse Call system. This was the culmination of all the efforts put in by the previous Foundation Director, Susan Burgan, in fundraising for the hospital.

MMH has now upgraded to the state-of-the-art Responder 5 model, which allows our nurses to provide better, faster care to their patients by appropriating patients’ request to the proper department. There is a call system hanging in each patient room, where nurses and physicians can log their rounding sessions, keep notes on specific patients’ needs and page fellow employees, amongst several other functions. Part of this system is above patients’ doors and flashes different colors of lights depending on what attention the patient needs.

“Our top priority is patient care” said Skula, “and with this system, we are able to achieve the level we reach for.” The implementation of this Nurse Call system makes MMH one of just two hospitals in the whole Adventist Health System with this technology.

*published in The Manchester Enterprise