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National Day of Prayer

Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) observed the National Day of Prayer on campus in the hospital chapel on May 3.

The theme was “One Voice, United in Prayer”. In attendance were many hospital associates along with our community partners and members. All the guests were welcomed by Steven Miller, CFO of MMH, who read an uplifting verse about prayer to start off the event.

Carla McQueen, Patricia Neil Hughes and Betty Henson sang a beautiful song, followed by a devotion by Michael Davidson and then another heart felt song by Adrienne Allen facilitated by Dr. Newswanger.

The following associates led the prayer:

·         Hospital - Dr. Jeffrey Newswanger, M.D.

·         Leaders & Govt. – Randy Craft

·         Military & First Responders – Karen Sharber, RN

·         Schools & Churches – James Couch

·         Community – Emily Henson, LCSW

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