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Pediatric Changes

July has brought a variety of changes to our clinical team.  Memorial Hospital’s Dr. Poonam Singh, Pediatrician, moved her practice to London, KY on July 6.  Dr. Singh will be providing care as a part of Mountain Medical Associates located in the Parkway Drug building off of Hal Rogers Parkway. 

With Dr. Singh providing care in the London area, Manchester Pediatrics is happy to welcome back Dr. Luis Carrasco, board certified Pediatrician to the Manchester area.  Dr. Carrasco was a part of our Pediatric team previously, and Memorial is pleased to have him once again serve children in this region with his expertise and exceptional care.    


“We are so fortunate to have Dr. Carrasco back with us.  We went a short time without his pediatric services, but we are thrilled to have him back,” said Benny Nolen, Vice President of Physician Relations.  “His return is happily received not only by the hospital but also by our community members and especially our patients and family members.” 


Dr. Carrasco chose Pediatrics, in a sense, to become an advocate for our children.  He understands that children are more vulnerable and in a constant state of growth which makes the Pediatric discipline so important.  By serving this segment of the population and listening to and collaborating with parents, he believes he helps shape the future of the nation.  As a member of the Manchester Pediatrics team, he also realizes that he is just one part of the services provided for these children— nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and therapists are also key players in this development.