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Physician Spotlight - Indiresha Ramachandra, MD

“Dr. Indy is excellent to work with. He is so easy
very educational and great with the patients.
I love him to death,” shares Martha Brumley, CRT,
respiratory therapy team leader.

Memorial Hospital has many physicians representing 15 areas of specialty, admitting patients, and practicing the art of medicine. Many of you have daily contact with these physicians and may know them quite well. One physician will be spotlighted each month in an effort to help the entire staff get better acquainted with our doctors.

The journey begins
Indiresha Ramachandra, MD, (you may know him as Dr. Indy) came to Memorial Hospital from India where he grew up and attended medical school. While working at various hospitals in India, he noticed physicians who had trained in other areas of the world had expanded their abilities. He decided to come to the United States and better his medical skills.

Dr. Indy’s journey to Manchester began in New York at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “I came to the United States to become a better doctor and pursue pulmonology,” said Dr. Indy. “During my internship in New York I watched the dynamic changes cardiac patients experienced with help from their cardiologists. After watching these dramatic changes in patients’ lives, I decided to focus on cardiology rather than pulmonology.”

Moving to Kentucky
From New York, Dr. Indy moved to Chicago and spent three years specializing in cardiology at the University of Illinois. He and his family then moved to the London/Manchester area where he has been practicing cardiology for almost four years as part of Heart Clinic of Southeast Kentucky. Dr. Indy came to London, Kentucky through his friendship with Dr. Ashok Kanthawar, whom he had known through medical school in India. Dr. Indy spends approximately 70% of his time in Manchester and 30% in London.

There are many reasons Dr. Indy loves his job, but there are two that stand out. “I enjoy the interaction with my patients. Talking with them and listening to them is a lot of fun for me,” states Dr. Indy. “It also feels good to know that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life.”

Photos and family fun
Dr. Indy, his wife and two boys, ages 6 and 8, live in London, Kentucky. Rollerblading and playing cricket with his sons are two of his latest hobbies.

If you see Dr. Indy standing next to his parked car on Hal Rogers’ Parkway with a tripod and camera, give him a little extra space. He often pulls his car over to pursue his other love, nature photography. “I enjoy shooting large scenic vistas to show their scope and size,” Indy said.

Traveling around the country is also a pastime Dr. Indy and his family enjoy. “My family and I try to visit national parks and/or historical sites each year,” explained Indy. “If it is important enough to be designated as a national monument or historical site, we believe it is worth visiting.” Last year Dr. Indy and his family visited a variety of national monuments around the country.

Kindhearted and caring
According to staff members who work closely with Dr. Indy, if you spend any time around him, you can’t help but notice his big heart and genuine caring for people.

“I love working with Dr. Indy, he is such a wonderful person,” said Ella Smallwood, ICU telemetry technician. “If you know him at all, you will love him. Dr. Indy has such a wonderful personality. He is so caring with his patients and the staff.”

“Dr. Indy is a very sweet and caring person,” said Kim Collins, RN, clinical supervisor. “He is patient with the staff and takes time to explain things to us when we have questions. It is a real pleasure working with him.”