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Relay For Life ... Comes Back to Life

Manchester, KY: Manchester Memorial Hospital has been a proud sponsor and donor of the Relay for Life event for the past many years. But this year, things have been really interesting at the Hospital, with the employees forming teams of their own and having an internal competition to see who can raise the most funds. The teams have been carrying out various activities on site and in the community, but all of this will culminate on the 5th, at the mega event, when the teams go head-to-head at the Park with their booths.

The hospital had an exciting array of food and activities lined up for the event, including:

• Hot Dogs
• Walking Tacos
• Funnel Cakes
• Loaded baked potato
• Sweet corn
• Burgers
• Ice cream cones
• Drinks
• Fried battered treats
• Nachos and Cheese
• Curly Fries
• Iced tea/lemonade/smoothies

Exciting and fun activity booths include:

• Photo booth
• Games for kids
• Baskets for auction

…………..And many more!

So don’t miss this opportunity…come out to the Park on the 5th of June and help in a great cause……and have some fun too!

For more information on the upcoming community events by Manchester Memorial Hospital, call at 606-598-1095

*published in The Manchester Enterprise