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Senator Mitch McConnell Visits Memorial Hospital

Together with State Senator Robert Stivers, State Senate President David Williams, and United States President Congressman Harold “Hal” Rogers; United States Senator Mitch McConnell and wife, Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao, visited Memorial Hospital on Friday, October 24.
Memorial Hospital receives approximately 85% of its funding from state and federal entities, making relationships with government representatives an important key in hospital finance.
“Maintaining relationships with our representatives is a priority,” said Dennis Meyers, RN, BSN, CEO of Memorial, “Much of our business comes from Medicaid and Medicare and any proposals to changes in those organizations or other federal and state programs would greatly affect the hospital and its operations.”
In order to keep an open dialog with state leaders, Mr. Meyers met with Senator Robert Stivers, on Friday, October 24, and prior to that traveled to meet with Congressman Rogers in Somerset, and with Senator McConnell, Senator Bunning and Congressman Rogers during a trip to Washington D.C. in early September.
During meetings with each of these representatives; the status of rural hospitals and rural health clinics, proposed legislature regarding such clinics, and potential changes to the Medicaid reporting process, were all discussed. Rural health hospitals and rural health clinics need the funding of the government to provide care for medically underserved regions, making these conversations a crucial element in maintaining this care. Memorial was pleased to welcome each Senator and representative to our hospital, allowing them to see the healthcare being provided in such areas.