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Smoking cessation program receives $5,000 grant

In August 2006, the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Prevention (KY-ASAP) Board announced they were accepting requests for proposals for substance abuse prevention, intervention and/or treatment services.

Sandy Eversole, Memorial Hospital’s community outreach coordinator, applied for funding for our Cooper Clayton smoking cessation classes and received word on February 21 that we had been awarded $5,000 from KY-ASAP. Leigh Powell, the KY-ASAP Clay-Jackson Board representative, hand-delivered the $5,000 check on February 22.

“We want to get the money out there benefiting our community,” said Powell. The funds will be used to cover the cost of nicotine replacement products (patches, gum or lozenges) for the participants of the hospital’s Cooper Clayton smoking cessation classes.

“The Cooper Clayton classes are free to the public and are structured like a support group; everyone is going through the same thing at the same time,” Eversole said. “Now that the hospital can provide the patches, gum or lozenges we hope to have more staff and community members participate in the program.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Cooper Clayton classes, please call Sandy Eversole at ext. 3171.