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Tommy Martin and Mark Jackson Named Simply The Best Employees Of 2016

Manchester, KY: Manchester Memorial Hospital (MMH) proudly named Tommy Martin (non-clinical) and Mark Jackson (clinical) as Simply The Best employees for the year 2016.


Tommy and Mark were recognized for their positive attitudes, helpful nature, and exemplifying the hospital’s mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ. Both received plaques and cash rewards at the recognition ceremony, attended by the staff in the hospital lobby.


“I have heard from Tommy’s passengers about what a positive person he is to talk to, and I've seen him go above and beyond the call of duty to help our patients”, said Hurriyat Ghayyur, director of marketing at the hospital and Tommy’s nominator. ‘Tommy is part time, but there are days that he puts in more hours than any of us...and he does it with a smile. He is a team player, a great professional to work with, and I feel truly blessed to have him on my team.”


Betty Sizemore, APRN and Mark’s nominator called him “one of the hardest workers ever seen” and added, “Mark is compassionate to all the patients and is constantly checking up on them, asking if they need anything and keeping them informed.”


Each quarter, MMH names one clinical and one non-clinical Simply The Best employee based on the demonstration of extraordinary dedication to their work. Employees are nominated by their supervising managers/team leads/directors and the hospital’s C-suite, along with other senior staff, determines winners based on those nominations. At the end of the year, two employees from the 8 chosen, are recognized as employees of the year for exemplary service.

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