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Hospital Chaplain

Meet Our Chaplain

In November, 2014, Mark Bondarenko and his family moved to Manchester, Kentucky, to grow and lead the hospital’s Chaplaincy program.  Mark has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and his Masters in Divinity (M.Div.).  His desire for Manchester Memorial Hospital is to build up the chaplaincy service so that people will use it as a great resource.  Above all, he wishes to cultivate a mission view for hospital employees and within the community he serves. 

Mark was born in Rostov, Russia, and when he was one year old  moved to Lipetsk where he would live his entire childhood. 

At the age of 19, with the feeling there was nothing to look forward to in Russia, he moved to the United States.  In Florida, he began working as a dishwasher, maintenance person and whatever else he could find to do.  The tough jobs made him realize he was not fulfilling his goals, and he felt he could do so much more in life. 

His family always encouraged him to pursue his education, and so he went back to school in 2004.  He started his education in healthcare, specifically, nursing.  He found a job as a CNA for two years and again did a variety of jobs to support himself as he finished school.  He discovered that one joy he always had was in spiritual counseling.  A friend told him about Clinical Pastoralship, which combined his desire to be a pastor with the clinical field.  Mark met his wife Tatiana Pak in 2007.  They married in 2010 and have two daughters. 

"You cannot run from your purpose in life.  If you do, it is so tiring and you will come back to it eventually, if you open your heart to hear God." --Mark Bondarenko

Would you like to schedule a time to meet Chaplain Mark?  Call (606) 598-1016.  Prayer Requests can be sent in online as well.