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You were born to live life to the fullest through the CREATION Health lifestyle principles.

The CREATION Health wellness program is based on 8 biblical principles found in the creation story and supported by evidence-based science. Through CREATION Health you can learn the best practices of whole person living - mentally and physically along with a strong focus on spirituality and faith.

CREATION Health Programs and Resources

CREATION Health Transportation

We are proud to announce our new CREATION Health Transportation program!  This program is designed to help our patients travel to and from their appointments to our hospital and our clinics.  We believe in doing all we can to help you become ‘CREATION Healthy!’ 

Since the program's launch, we have traveled 86,621 miles, transporting 3,364 patients. 

Live Life Scholarship Fund

We gave $1,000 each to five aspiring high school students in 2017, along with opportunities for networking and shadowing within the hospital's clinical units.

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"...I have come that they may live life to the fullest." -John 10:10.