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CREATION Health PCU Program

Our CREATION Health Progressive Care Unit (PCU) Program is based on the eight principles of CREATION Health. This program is designed to enable our patients to not only learn about the CREATION Health lifestyle, but also to experience healing through the CREATION Health principles of Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook and Nutrition.

According to research, patients who are given Choice regarding their surroundings heal faster, and by extending Choice to our patients we want to play a bigger role in their healing.  These Choices allow our patients the option of a more comfortable and customized stay, while improving their ability to heal quickly and live a more abundant life.

Our patients are able to have a Choice between a gown or pajama bottoms, a plant to recycle air in their room enhancing their Environment or a fruit basket to promote Nutrition;  they also are given the option of using sleep masks and earplugs for restorative Rest .  Volunteers are on hand to engage in patient-requested companionship to encourage Interpersonal Relationships along with the option of prayer, which builds Trust in God.  If you are interested in volunteering, click here to learn more.

The CREATION Health PCU Program educates patients on how CREATION Health can make a difference in their lives, and how transformation to total wellness is not only attainable, but is God's hope and plan for us.

Has CREATION Health influenced your experience at Manchester Memorial Hospital or changed your concept of health and wellness? We would love for you to share your story with us.