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CREATION Health Seminars

At Manchester Memorial Hospital, our mission is to extend the healing ministry of Christ. Teaching everyone we meet – within our campus and beyond - about CREATION Health as a faith-based wellness plan for achieving God’s plan of complete health is a goal we work towards daily. Our CREATION Health Specialist is trained to teach the biblical principles of each letter in the acronym and is eager to do so!

Along with leading seminars that are open to the public, our CREATION Health Specialist can come to your work place, church group, or any other group setting, and teach the healing principles God laid out for us to adopt in order to live a happy, healthy life.  CREATION Health Seminars are approximately 1 hour long and cover all 8 principles at once.  CREATION Health Sessions are shorter to accommodate a work setting and are done over a period of 8 meetings.  Teaching the principles in this type of setting can help break the monotony of the workplace or re-energize a church-family as people are inspired to adopt the CREATION Health plan for living a more fulfilled life.

CREATION Health seminars and sessions include the provision of a healthy snack, a brief lecture accompanied by a few videos on the 8 principles CREATION Health and an open discussion followed by a  devotion.

If you’re interested in having our CREATION Health Specialist teach a seminar or session series for your group, call 606-598-5104 today!