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CREATION Health Volunteers

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”--Luke 10:2 

Join Our Cause

Our volunteers are just like you. They are teachers, business owners, parents, retirees, and students, but the one thing we all have in common is dedication to our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ.

We do this by teaching and demonstrating the CREATION Health principles for living a fuller, healthier life. The more volunteers we have, the bigger impact we can all make!

What do CREATION Health volunteers do?

CREATION Health volunteers have a variety of duties that include assisting patients during their stay at Manchester Memorial Hospital by helping them to use the CHOICE cards and educating them on CREATION Health so they begin thinking of their health in a different light.

Volunteers will be asked to show patients how to navigate iPads; will perform simple tasks like providing a refill of water or giving a patient an extra blanket; and will communicate with our patients about one of the eight principles of CREATION, from Choice to Nutrition.

What kind of hours would I be expected to dedicate?

Whatever works for you, works for us! We don't put time restraints on anyone wishing to volunteer for CREATION Health. We only ask that you consider creating a consistent schedule with us so we can plan our program better. It is up to you whether you want to volunteer for 3 hours a week or 30! 

What are the benefits of volunteering?

The emotional and spiritual benefits are endless! The real question is…. what benefits would you like to get out of volunteering? Here are a few of the benefits as we see them.


Volunteering your time and energy anywhere is fulfilling - but working with patients in the community, restores a sense of accomplishment and reclamation. You'll also feel a sense of pride from the smile you plant on the patients' face who hasn't had a visitor all day and appreciates your company; or the thanks you'll receive doing something as simple as giving a patient a pair of ear plugs to help them sleep through the night.


If you're entering the workforce or just hoping to get some volunteer experience under your belt, there are a variety of experiences you can gain from volunteering with CREATION Health. We're happy to write letters of recommendation and we also keep logs of volunteer time. Whether it's being hands-on with patients or being involved in the more technical aspect of it, we can find a specific outlet for you.

Social Bonding

Sometimes getting plugged in is the answer to many issues in our everyday lives. Through CREATION Health at Manchester Memorial Hospital, it is easy to find grass roots connections through the variety of people you will meet and get to know, whether you're dealing with staff, patients, or fellow volunteers. Connecting to the community and to individuals on a personal level is a huge part of the CREATION Health volunteer experience, where you are guaranteed to make friends and acquaintances - and you will be better for it.

Extending the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ

We all have a need for spiritual fulfillment in our lives. There is no better way to satisfy this fulfillment than to dedicate ourselves to keeping Christ's commandments. Treating others mercifully, caring for those in distress, and loving one another - these are all commissions Christ gave us that we may live the lives He wanted us to live. Through CREATION Health we not only seek to teach patients the fifth principle, to Trust in God, but we seek to reflect Christ's commissions in everything we do.


There are a few perks given to CREATION Health volunteers versus other volunteers in the hospital. CREATION Health Volunteers are given tee shirts and other CREATION Health promotion items! If you commit to volunteer 4-5 days a week, we will also provide branded polo shirts. Volunteers who work for more than five hours in one day are provided with a $5 Café certificate for lunch or dinner.

Is there any strenuous physical labor involved?

Not at all. We don't call on volunteers to do any heavy lifting, nor do we ask volunteers to perform any tasks that might be considered clinical or involve touching or moving patients.

We also do not ask volunteers to perform any duties they are not comfortable with. For instance, if you are not comfortable trying to teach patients how to use iPads and would rather speak to patients one-on-one about the CREATION Health principles instead, we are happy to accommodate you. We love opportunities to teach volunteers new skills and ample training will be provided for learning volunteer duties, but we also value the skills you already have!

How do I become a volunteer?

You can download an application by clicking here. Once you've filled it out, you can drop it off at the Marketing Department (Located in the basement of Creekview, below Manchester Surgery center on the hospital campus), return it via email to, or mail it to 210 Marie Langdon Drive, Manchester KY 40962, attn: CREATION Health.

If you think you might be interested but aren't sure and would like to have more information, feel free to contact us at 606-598-5104  ext. 4284.