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Our Story

Manchester Memorial Hospital stands today-a tribute to vision and faith

  Manchester Memorial Hospital is the successor to Oneida Mountain Hospital of Oneida, Kentucky.
  Oneida Mountain Hospital was founded in 1914 by Dr. C. Adeline McConville. Dr. McConville was an optometrist who was captivated by the dream of Mr. J.A. Burns. 
  Mr. Burns or “Burns of the Mountains” as he was affectionately known, was dedicated to the improvement of his Kentucky mountain people.
  Dr. McConville heard Mr. Burns speak in New York and pledged herself to return to Mr. Burns beloved mountains with him and make plans for a hospital to serve his mountain people.  In the mid 1920’s the hospital was completed and dedicated to the “mothers of the mountains.” Dr. McConville operated the hospital until the 1930’s when failing health forced her to retire. The hospital continued to operate through 1952, when aging facilities and other obstacles became overwhelming. The average occupancy was 139% and the 22 bed hospital had as many as 49 patients!
  Mr. Thomas Britton sought the help of the Seventh-Day Adventist church to take over the day to day operations. Mr. Herbert Davis answered the call to come to Kentucky with a vision for a new hospital to serve the people of Clay County.
  “When I accepted the call to Clay County, I made a covenant with the Lord, that I would give him all that I had in strength and energy if only He would give me wisdom for the task that lay ahead, “ said Mr. Davis.
  In the late 1960’s a group of administrators, doctors and members of the community had a vision for a new facility to serve the people of Clay and the surrounding counties. In 1969, a site was identified and a farm was purchased from Mr. Saul Goins at Manchester, Kentucky.
  The funding of the hospital became a community project. Hospital funds, philanthropic donations, Seventh-Day Adventist church funds, and governmental funds were supplemented by donations of the citizens of Clay County. The Clay County Jaycees committed themselves for $200,000, and then proceeded to raise it with community sponsored events. Personal solicitations of Marie Langdon and Bill Baker resulted in many thousands of dollars. 
  Boggs Construction Company was chosen to construct the new hospital and, like a dream come true, Saul Goins’ farmyard became a modern hospital. Memorial Hospital opened in September 1971 and has been amazingly successful since that time. 
  For more than forty years, Memorial Hospital has experienced tremendous growth and blessings. Memorial has been recognized for outstanding patient care and has received awards including a designation as a top 100 hospital in its respective category. 
“From Then ‘Til Now”- God has led in the medical work in eastern Kentucky.