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Last year, Manchester Memorial Hospital volunteers contributed 2,165 hours to our work force. This help has been greatly appreciated by all of our Memorial staff. The willing heart of a volunteer to take on part of the daily work load allows our doctors, nurses, and other staff members more time to care for patients and improve services. At Manchester Memorial Hospital, we work as a team and our volunteers are no exception to that rule.

Join our Team

Would you like to come join our team? Email or call 606-598-1098. All volunteers will have to fill out a mandatory background check.  If you are interested in volunteering in our CREATION Health program, click here for more information.

Volunteer Requirements

  • 14 years of age or older
  • Complete background check
  • Complete TB skin test
  • Volunteer training
  • Up-to-Date Immunization Record
  • Drug Screen

Volunteer Benefits

  • Free meal for every 4 hours worked
  • Exposure to various careers in the medical field to help establish future education and goals

Places to Volunteer

  • Registration
  • Dietary
  • Plant Services
  • Emergency Room
  • Physical Therapy
  • Marketing/Foundation
  • Human Resources
  • Surgery
  • Education
  • Print Shop
  • Various physician offices
  • Visiting patients within the hospital