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Pay Raise Q & A with Dennis Meyers

Administrative Q & A
Money, money, money…

Lifelines:  Will the hospital be giving annual pay raises this year?
Dennis:  Yes, we will provide the budgeted pay raises for our employee this year as normal.  Each year we evaluate to make sure we are able to give raises—Memorial spends approximately 18  million a year on salaries and wages, so even a 2% increase is a large amount.

Lifelines:  When will the raises go into effect?
Dennis:  The raises will be reflected on the first paycheck employees receive  in July—payroll 15.

Lifelines:  Has the hospital ever missed a pay raise due to economic difficulties?
Dennis:  In the 12 years I have been here we have always given annual raises.  Even in years where we were behind budget, we made raises a priority because we feel it is important to stay competitive and provide our employees with the increase they have earned.

Lifelines:  What is the percentage rate for pay raises?
Dennis:  We have budgeted for a 2% increase overall in our salaries and wages. The figure of 2% is an average—not all employees will receive this exact increase percentage and it will vary slightly from individual to individual.

Lifelines:  What factors determine the percentage of increase for pay raises?
Dennis:  The increase percentage is determined by years of experience in an employee’s field or related field and by a market analysis that compares salaries and wages of other employees in related positions and markets. 

Lifelines:  Is any part of the raise based on merit or evaluations?
Dennis:  No part of the raise is based on merit or evaluations.  We want our evaluation process to be kept completely separate from the annual pay raise.  This helps the evaluation process to be more accurate and it also allows us to reward employees through pay increases solely for their years of service and the job they do on a daily basis.