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Patient Testimonials

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We want to hear from you! If you have been a patient at our hospital, you will receive a survey in the mail within 6-10 days of your stay asking you to tell us about your experience. If you can, take the time to fill that out and return it to us. We appreciate your help in showing us what’s working and ways we can improve! 

Below are a few of our patients' stories and testimonials regarding the care they received with us. If you would like to your own testimonial with us, you can do that through our contact us page.

"I had a heart attack on the 5th of July. The care I received in the ER of MMH was excellent. There were 2
 nurses going off shift and 1 coming on  when I got there, and the 3 of them stayed with me through the 
ordeal. They did their jobs in a caring and professional way. The doctor arrived  very quickly and he 
kept me informed about my condition all the way through. The techs from X-ray, Respiratory and the 
lab were great as well.  I felt that I was in good hands all the time I was there. This area is very lucky to 
have such a good Hospital (with so many professional and caring  people) so close by."  
ED Patient
"The staff always treats me well and the doctors are very caring and knowledgeable. The doctors here actually know 
my rare disease unlike  those at Saint Joseph, which is impressive. The nurses and support staff are way more caring 
than other local hospitals."
PCU Patient
"I don't know if I have ever seen so many people work together to take care of someone. Everyone in the OB was 
wonderful. Dr Dawson is for sure a class A doctor. Took care of my wife and son even after his birth!!"
OB Patient
"The nurses are super nice and so are all the doctors. I was treated well my whole stay here."
PCU Patient

"They took care of my husband right away. Made him better quickly."
ED Patient

"This hospital is very good, my dad was treated very good by the nurses, CNAs and doctors! MMH has a 
wonderful staff, they are kind and  very respectful to the patients and their family!"
ED Patient

 One Patient's Story

Michael Miller has lived most of his life in a house that has been in his for generations. He spends his time gardening, working with various livestock and taking care of his family’s property.  These activities have been challenged, however, by several medical conditions.

Though he lives a full life, Michael has been no stranger to pain, suffering from gout and the effects of multiple surgeries. So when Family Medical Care physician, Dr. Rice,  informed him he needed surgery again for a different medical condition, he wasn’t really looking forward to the pain.

On the day of the surgery, Michael feared the worst but his actual experience with surgeon Dr. Edwards and his team was quite different. “Upon arriving at Manchester Memorial Hospital, I was pleasantly surprised to experience a minimal wait and was ushered into the OR (Operating Room) rather quickly. The anesthesia provider was great, and talked me through the whole procedure and also explained how I’d feel after waking up.”

When he woke up, he found the anesthesiologist and a nurse by his bedside.  Both made him feel comfortable and put him at ease. He was discharged after a few hours, and on his way home he recalls telling a friend that he dreaded the medicine wearing off.  He didn’t sleep in anticipation of the pain he was sure would hit him. But to his astonishment, the pain never came! “I was worried about pain, but the worst pain I experienced was about the same as being pinched,” said a happy Michael.

Michael believes the staff at Manchester Memorial Hospital treated him with care and compassion. “Everyone was extremely nice to me and I appreciate everything that was done,” said Michael, now healed and able to resume his active life.


“There was a young child in the Emergency Department had to be transferred to UK.  The family informed Dr. Goldman that they could not afford to make the trip to Lexington to be with the child.  Dr. Goldman reached in his pocket and he had $60.00 and gave it to the family.  Other staff members also donated what they could.  The family was so grateful.”
ER Patient Testimonial Given to Staff Member

One PCU patient commented 'Going home would be like waking up from a dream'.  He couldn’t believe how nice everyone had been to him the entire time he was here.  He said that everyone’s good attitudes made him feel good inside, and he could not have had a better experience any place in the world.”
Memorial Hospital Inpatient

“Chris, an Emergency Department nurse was very good with my daughter and even talked with her about her puppy.  She was so upset that she was having to stay the night and would miss her puppy that Chris found her a stuffed puppy to comfort her>”
ER Patient Family Member

“PCU staff gave great care to a family member who as very ill and required a sitter at times for additional safety.  The family was very pleased with how well he was taken care of and said they could not have wished for better staff on both day and night shift.”
Memorial Hospital Inpatient Testimonial Given to Staff Member

“I always used to bypass Manchester (Memorial) Hospital and go to London hospital but now I only come to Manchester hospital."
Emergency Department Patient

“The cleaning ladies are just the nicest ever.”
Memorial Hospital Inpatient

"My ED nurse was wonderful, kind, prompt, compassionate and knowledgeable and her name was Wanda Anderson.  My PCT was wonderful as well."
ER Patient

"I feel very blessed to have this hospital in our community.  All the nurses and doctors were very caring. "
Memorial Hospital Inpatient

“The staff at the [Clay County] Primary Care Center made my visit yesterday one of the best and most positive “doctor’s office” experiences ever.”
CCPCC Patient

"I was taken care of so well by Eddie in Radiology he made me feel like he had known me for forever. The PCT’s [patient care technicians] Regina and Courtney from nights were so professional, caring, kind, and just made me feel comfortable. They joked around with me and made me feel good."
ER Patient/Inpatient

"Becky Stubblefield is a great ARNP."
ER Patient

"My ED nurse was wonderful, kind, prompt, compassionate and knowledgeable and her name was Wanda Anderson. My PCT [patient care technician] was wonderful as well.”
ER Patient 

"I feel very blessed to have this hospital in our community. All the nurses and doctors were very caring."
Memorial Hospital Inpatient

"I have to say that I am seeing [growth by] leaps and bounds by MMH [Manchester Memorial Hospital]. I went to the ER this evening and I have seen such an attitude change over there. The NP [Nurse Practitioner] Kayla Marcum was great and so was Craig Smith. They treated me so professionally and it was like I mattered."
ER Patient